Automated YouTube video creation for Twitch streamers. That's handy.

Make Echoes is a complete content engine that takes your Twitch livestreams and creates amazing stream recap videos based on input from you, your moderators and approved users who can submit clip requests via our Twitch Chat Bot seconds after something cool happens on stream.

The best part? It's creates your stream recap video and posts it to your YouTube channel minutes after your stream ends. 

For busy streamers — that's YouTube content made easy.

"I should be creating on YouTube.
I just don't have the time."

YouTube Guilt for Twitch streamers is real no matter if you're someone with thousands of subscribers or trying to become a full-time content creator. 

We heard it again and again from our streamer friends that they knew their audience would watch content of theirs on YouTube. It always came down to having the time and motivation to sit down and edit 6, 10, 14 hours or more of video down to a 7-30 minute video that would perform well on YouTube. 

That's when the light bulb went off for us. We're in the stream when cool things happen. Why not just mark those moments down and compile them and let a machine do all the monotonous work of clipping, stitching, exporting and uploading?

And that's exactly what we did.

You make content,
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Your audience's attention is the center of your business.

Creating an engaged audience across multiple social media platforms is the most critical piece in building a business that will endure the ups and downs of any one social media platform.

We've all seen talented creators gain a ton of followers and attention on a platform and things seem amazing and that things will only get better and better for them.

Then something changes and the dream job of creating content online evaporates.

Years of hard work and building an audience can be undone in a matter of days.

To create effective content on multiple platforms while your primary audience is on Twitch meant you had three options to take your content from Twitch to YouTube:

  1. Using every off-stream moment you have to make more content.
  2. Hiring a video editor or a social media assistant to re-cut your streams for YouTube.
  3. Doing it half-heartedly some days and not at all on others.
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