Social Promotional Pieces

Hey there, test streamers. Thanks for each of your willingness to help out here with promoting this launch of Make Echoes. In order to make things as simple as possible for you all, I wanted to pre-write a tweet and Facebook post so you can quickly edit and promote versus having you all do the heavy lifting.
Tweet Reads: Mega hype to @MakeEchoes for launching today. Streamers, this can be a great tool to help you make more content on YouTube without having to hire an editor #EndYoutubeGuilt
Since FB doesn't allow for pre-populated stuff, old school copy and paste on this one:

Friends, there's this new service I've been using called @Make Echoes that takes my Twitch streams and automatically creates YouTube videos. It just launched today so if you're streaming, you should definitely check it out.

Also, if you like the Make Echoes page over at first, the post above should automatically link to the page as well. 
Additionally feel free to just retweet, share or repost content from the Make Echoes accounts:
Twitter: @MakeEchoesFacebook: @MakeEchoes Twitch: @MakeEchoesYouTube: Make Echoes
Finally, I'm linking up access to the Media Kit that I prepared on the off chance that some blogger/writer wanted to cover this. If you download this file, you'll find the full versions of both explainer videos so you can embed them in your own Tweets/Posts. Also included are the logo images. 
Download Media Kit
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