Priority Ranking is Live

November 8, 2020 by Kade

It's been a busy couple of weeks on many fronts. Let's just leave it at that.
I've been working on a bunch of things with Make Echoes behind the scenes. The platform continues to march closer to an official 1.0 release. Not sure of the exact date yet but odds on it will happen before the end of the year.

Let's get to the improvements that have made it live.

Priority Ranking of Clip Requests

This was a request of @SgtFidget from the earliest of pre-Alpha testing. His normal game preference is in the horror game genre space. That being the case, timing on his clips matters to create a compelling recap video for YouTube.

Now there are three categories for clip requesters. Each has a value: streamer = 1, moderator = 2, approved user = 3. If a clip requester is of a lower numeric value makes a request for a clip while the Chat Bot is in a cool down of another clip, the system will now remove the previous clip and add the newly requested one in its place. If you're the streamer, the only person in your room that you can run into a cool down against is yourself. This makes a lot of sense since the video is being posted to your channel.

YouTube Quota Internal Calculator Update

I started noticed some weird differences between what YouTube was reporting my quota usage was and what I had internally on the app. After doing a bit of digging, it was a bug in the code that was only being triggered when specific streamers were having videos uploaded to their YouTube channels. While this has zero impact on the user experience, it's the kind of effort that keeps things working. The last thing I want to experience again is the Day 1 bug which burned through my YouTube quota in a few hours.

FAQ Application

Since the beginning of launching this app, I've kept a running text file of all the questions I've received. I now have quite the list and I don't have anywhere to expose that to new users. A quick couple hours of building and data input means that these answers are now on the server. Currently, they're not accessible on the site but they soon will be. I'm waiting until another piece of the UI/UX of the website comes together to expose them.

Wrapping Up

As per usual, I've got other pieces in motion but it's not their primetime yet. Two massive features are in internal testing at the moment so maybe next week...

Have a great week!

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