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What is Make Echoes?

Make Echoes is a system that listens for commands sent via your Stream Deck by you and commands sent by you, your moderators or selected users in the Twitch chat room. These commands create clips during your stream.

After a clip is acquired, you can choose to tweet it as a native video asset. Doing it this way allows the clip itself to be automatically be played in any Twitter app. 

When you end your stream, Make Echoes automatically creates a compilation video of the clips and if you have enough clips it automatically uploads it to your YouTube channel in just minutes. An email is also sent to you with direct links to download clips, rendered videos or zip files.
You make content,
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The Integrations

Connected to Twitch, YouTube & Twitter

Make Echoes natively uses the APIs of Twitch, YouTube and Twitter. This tight integration means that the system doesn't share your credentials with any third party application.

Use the Native Stream Deck Plugin

Use the Make Echoes Stream Deck Plugin to make a timed clip request, start and end an Echo Duration or even remove the last created clip directly from your hardware device.

Send Clips & Videos to AWS & Dropbox

When you finish recording your stream, the system can automatically deliver the clips or a compilation video to you or your editor. This is a great way to speed up the editing process.

Advanced Features

Echo Multi - Collect The Entire Squad's POV
Ever wanted to see your amazing gameplay from the points of view (POVs) of your teammates? Streamers had to hope that someone from their teammates' stream clipped the same moment and then would have to manually get that clip link all before downloading it.

Echo Multi takes the guesswork out. Connect your stream to any other stream on Twitch using the !echomulti command or !multiset command and any timed clip request made after that point will result in corresponding clips grabbed from all POVs. Even more impressive is that it can support up to 10 streams simultaneously.
Echo Durations - Capture an Entire Moment
Timed !echo commands allow you to collect the last 15, 30, 45, 60 or 90 seconds. What happens when you know you're going to play a song or want to capture an entire match or walkthrough of a particularly challenging boss fight? Echo Durations have you covered.

Echo Durations are started via the !echostart and ended via the !echostop commands in the chatroom or by using the corresponding functions on a Stream Deck.

This single clip can be included in a Echo Compilation and posted to YouTube or it can be uploaded there as a standalone video wrapped in your stream's YouTube wrapping media.
Echo Flares - Promote Single Clips in Contextual Ways
Ever wanted to take a clip from your stream and send it out to another social media platform like Twitter to help you draw an audience to your stream? Echo Flares completely solve this problem for you. You can select any single clip immediately after it's captured and Tweet it out as a native video to the platform that can be viewed in any Twitter application.

Even better is that the system automatically edits this new video to be wrapped in a branded opening clip and a clip with a call to action. You can send out a tweet with a prior stream's clip and the system will wrap it in specific media for when you're not live. All you need to do is provide the Tweet message and hit send.

The Numbers

5,000+ streams observed

Streams are where it all starts.
To date, Make Echoes has observed more than 22,000 hours of streams since launching on August 12th, 2020.

19,000+ clips requested

Whether it's a timed clip request, an Echo Duration or multiple points of view grabbed in an Echo Multi, Make Echoes does the job of grabbing your clips and making sure it's securely stored.

1,500+ YouTube videos uploaded

Users can control the number of clips that are required to create a YouTube video. Make Echoes has created these 1,500+ videos with no additional input by the streamer after the stream has concluded.

Here's the everything-plus-the-kitchen sink offer.

Alpha pricing still active!

Make Echoes Alpha
until August 12th, 2021
YouTube Compilation Video Uploads
Echo Multi Included
Echo Durations Included
Echo Flares for Twitter Included
You Specify Who Can Submit Clips
60-Day Clip & Video Retention
Price Locked through 2022

Updates and new features always included
normally $49 $29 monthly

Hi, I'm Kade, the coder behind Make Echoes.

Make Echoes started out as a "wouldn't it be cool if..." conversation between friends. I ran with that and went to work. Three days later had the biggest piece of the puzzle operating: the ability to programmatically cut clips out of a Twitch stream. 

Make Echoes started as a hobby project and quickly became an obsession. It is now an opportunity for me to challenge myself to write better code and code that helps my friends who are content creators interact with their audience in new and creative ways, grow their audiences and help their small businesses grow. 

My hope is that you'll see the passion in the product and that it can help you as you grow your streaming business or hobby too.

What users of Make Echoes are saying.

"As a full-time streamer and content creator, there was no doubt that I was neglecting my YouTube channel. I felt frustrated and overwhelmed every time the topic would come up. When I first heard about what Make Echoes was trying to do, I knew instantly that it was going to be a BIG thing. I knew it had huge potential to make life so much easier on content creators and their teams (if they even have a team yet, so many of us go solo for a LONG TIME) and it could make branching out into YouTube with consistency much more straightforward. I would not be active on YouTube at this point if it wasn't for Make Echoes, and I know my editing team is incredibly grateful for how much time it saves them. I can only imagine how much more YouTube growth I would have seen if Make Echoes had been around when I first got started with streaming 6 years ago."
SheSnaps on Twitch
"I've known Kade for more than a decade now and in conversations it's ridiculously obvious he's thinking about what's next for content creators. What's even better is that he has the technical skills to actually make the ideas he talks about into products. That's rare and I can't wait to see what new features he's getting ready to release to use on my streams."
Clintus on Twitch
"The clip quality from Make Echoes is amazing, I prefer it over Twitch clips. The program is simple to use, especially if you have a Stream Deck as there is a plugin which allows you to just push the button. With the push of a button, a clip is instantly made. Clips are easy to track as only certain people can clip for you, so you definitely have access to the best clips at the tip of your hands. No more wasted minutes or hours searching through Twitch clips. My favorite feature would have to be the Echo Multi. Makes Echoes collects my Point of View of any moment I request and it also grabs the corresponding clips from anyone I am playing with. With the ease of this tool, my editor spends less time searching for multiple clips and creates amazing content showing the different view points for my Tik Tok content. Do yourself a favor and at least try the 15 day trial period!"
RockMom85 on Twitch
"My friends and I are a pretty funny group to begin with but add in a set of games where we can hang out and make fun of one another's gameplay and it goes to another level. Having clips of these moments is amazing. Many of my friends are fellow game developers and we think it is awesome to see the passion Kade has for this product.
Linnception on Twitch
"The Endlessly Co. is one of Make Echoes biggest fans! We have been lucky to get to work with clients like Twitch streamers SheSnaps and RockMom85, who utilize this fantastic system, to help us create curated content from clips made with Make Echoes. This ever-evolving tool is a MUST HAVE for streamers - we always HIGHLY recommend it to our clients and ALL content creators. As a content management & production company, we have found this system to be incredibly efficient, beneficial and easy to use from beginning to end. (Even if you don't use an editor, you can still use Make Echoes!) We love Make Echoes and we can't wait to see what the future holds for this incredible company. Sign up & become part of the Make Echoes family today!!!"
Camdelle & lookitsdaniel
The Endlessly Co. on Twitter

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions from people thinking about starting to use Make Echoes
Is the 15-day trial truly free?
Yes, it is a true 15-day free trial. In the account creation process you will need to put a credit card on file with Stripe but Make Echoes regularly sends you an email 3 days before every charge attempt so you can choose to cancel at any time.
Will you really increase the price on August 12th, 2021?
Yes, the plans currently are to increase the price to $49/month on August 12th as the product has grown in many ways since it debuted on August 12, 2020. Even better is that as new additional services come online, they will always be included for these Alpha priced accounts.

I highly recommend that you start your trial now which also locks in your monthly rate of $29/month through 2022 so long as your account stays active.
Can Make Echoes work if it is not connected to my YouTube or Twitter accounts?
Yes, it can. In these cases, the system will still collect clips and even render complation or stand-alone videos based on your account's settings. Once completed they will be stored on Make Echoes stoage and if you have connected your own AWS S3 account or your Dropbox, all the created media will also be delivered there.
Does Make Echoes work with Facebook Gaming livestreams?
Currently, the system is solely for Twitch streamers. I continue to evaluate additional platorms to add as the requests for them come in and the technical lift to be able to support them. The best place to made aware of any changes to the product is the @MakeEchoes Twitter account.
Why can't I start a trial if my Twitch channel doesn't have any VODs?
Your channel being actively integrated into the Twitch VOD ecosystem is a requirement for Make Echoes to be able to acquire the clips that are the base layer of how this entire system works. If you are not currently a streamer, I can't in good conscience allow you to start a trial on a paid product that you simply can't use.
How long after a stream ends should I expect a video to be finished?
For most streamers, they see the completed notification hit their email inbox in about 20 minutes. This can change based on the resolution and bitrate you stream at, the number of clips requested and the number of delivery destinations.
Can I request a specific feature to have added to Make Echoes?
Of course! Most of the features described here and in the onboarding sequence were suggested by streamers to solve a problem that they wished they didn't have to deal with. Once you're a customer, you can reply to any email you get from Make Echoes and it will be read an evaluated by Kade.
Can Make Echoes publish content to Instagram, Facebook or TikTok?
As of right now, Make Echoes can only publicly publish content on YouTube and Twitter. I am continuing to work to get the approvals I need from Facebook/Instagram and TikTok to be able to natively post content to each of those platforms. Once secured, I'll then get the development time scheduled and hopefully within 1-3 weeks, I'll be able to push those destinations into live production.

Here's the everything-plus-the-kitchen sink offer.

Alpha pricing still active!

Make Echoes Alpha
until August 12th, 2021
YouTube Compilation Video Uploads
Echo Multi Included
Echo Durations Included
Echo Flares for Twitter Included
You Specify Who Can Submit Clips
60-Day Clip & Video Retention
Price Locked through 2022

Updates and new features always included
normally $49 $29 monthly
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