15 Day Trials & Getting Back In The Habit

October 11, 2020 by Kade

It's been 5 weeks since I updated anything on Make Echoes and that's because a lot of life has happened to me. Let's lead with the lead though.

15 Day Trial

After looking at the usage data and the available capacity, I've decided that I'm willing to start trials accounts on the platform.

Effective immediately, new users can use the full system for 15 days. Obviously, I still have quotas so this is limited to the remaining seats on the platform. My hope is this is going to help more streamers get a feel for the tool and make a decision based on their actual usage.

If you've been on the fence, here's your opportunity to come in at no cost (you will have to place a credit card on file in Stripe though) and run the tool through its paces. There are no limitations or restrictions above our standard User Agreement.

Just cancel before that 16th day and you will never be charged.

Why Things Slowed a Bit & Intentions for the Rest of 2020

I've worked with the Yoga With Adriene/Find What Feels Good team for over 5 years in various roles. I know that they are a tremendous team and that their business is as stable as any content creation entity can be. It also helps that I genuinely enjoy the human beings who make up the organization.

As August ended, the YWA/FWFG organization offered me a job. I accepted the role of Senior Web Developer and started on October 1.

In response to accepting this job offer, I made the choice to move to Austin, Texas. The vast majority of their team is based here and being local, while not required, is meaningful to me and to them.

Moving is always stressful and moving during a pandemic is even harder. This was my first time towing a trailer with anything larger than a jet ski and my first time towing with my own truck. I learned more than a few things both about myself and the truck in the process. I did the drive solo, only stopping for gas and a single nap to get me out here in as safe a manner as possible.

I am now unpacked and settled into the new apartment here and have got the first couple of weeks behind me in the job. I am feeling confident that going forward I can dedicate 5-15 hours a week to Make Echoes. That time will be spent building out features and investing in marketing.

My intention is that I'll be tackling 1-2 new features each week. I will then deploy them on Sunday mornings. That time slot has proven to be the least streamed time. Should something go wrong in a deploy, it will impact the fewest number of streamers.

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